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Quick question

Quick question

Postby sjolundman » Mon 16. Oct 2017, 20:17

Hi so im looking to get the "3DS Capture Card – 3DS Capture Card by Keity, N/A" which means ill be sending in my own 3ds for installation right?
so i have filled everything out and im at the final payment page and im wondering what is the adress? where do i ship my package? just didnt wanna hit that payment before i know what im doing sorry for this stupid question but a simple answer would be very appreciated ^^
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Re: Quick question

Postby Tecd0c » Mon 16. Oct 2017, 22:15

Yes, this is the right choice.

The address is everywhere, at the Impressum and at my e-mail signature. But right after you do the order, you will get a automatic confirmation from the shop.
The address is right at the bottom of the summary.
Thank you!
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