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New 2DS XL this 'blur'

New 2DS XL this 'blur'

Postprzez Romulus » Wt 4. lut 2020, 22:09

Today I received my "New 2DS XL" with the Capture Board. Of course, I'm in a hurry to plug everything in and see how it looks.
Unfortunately, even after various adjustments (a bit complicated also when you don't understand too much English), the quality remains quite low, there is always this "blur". :twisted:

I'll put below my rendering (on the left), and the rendering of a streamer, I put it at the same size to be able to differentiate it.
Very clearly, on the right, the contours of the game are much smoother, there's no such blur either. The screen is more colorful, everything is better : The screen on the right is obviously much better.
Would you have a solution to this problem? Is it necessary to make other settings on the software "new3DS_view_" or directly on OBS?

Thank you in advance! :D
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Re: New 2DS XL this 'blur'

Postprzez Tecd0c » Śr 5. lut 2020, 01:52

I see what you mean, but this all coming from your scaling settings.

First of all you should understand, that capturing a screen from your console that has natively 400x240 and 320x480 could be done in different ways.
With or without scale in the nViewer software.
It is up to you where you want the up-scale process to be.

For example, if you screen resolution is 1920x1080 and you set the nViewer window to full screen, then the pic is already upscaled, using then OBS and setting a 720p screen resolution would downscale it again, resulting in a blurry screen.
My advice is to set the nViewer window to a 720 resolution if you want to steam in 720p, so obs is not forced to scale again..
Also check your OBS quallity settings.
If you need help for OBS check their support-forum.
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