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[My Feedback] Capture card installed and delivered

[My Feedback] Capture card installed and delivered

Postby sirbearington » Mon 30. Mar 2020, 20:33

I've been wanting to capture 3DS family games for a while, but wasn't sold on getting an integrated card; it seemed expensive, and it was hard to know if there were any risks. After e-mailing back and forth with Merki's support, all of my questions were answered, and I was sold.

I received the package in the mail today (as a note, I made this order during the coronavirus pandemic), and from my order being placed to receiving it was 3 business days, which is so fast! I was blown away. Plus, I've got the unit unboxed and have tested it, and it's working great! The finish on the extra port that was added looks great, and I'm so pleased I decided to order from Merki.

It did come with a European charging cable (I live in the US), so in case you don't already have an extra charging cable for the 3DS family of handhelds, make sure to have a European -> US adapter on hand, or buy one separately. This isn't Merki's fault, it's just what was in the 2DS box by default.

10/10, so pleased with how everything turned out, and I even received a small bonus in the form of some gummy bears right from the source (Haribo is located in Germany), which didn't go unnoticed C:
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