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[My Feedback] New 2DS XL Capture Card + TV Kit

[My Feedback] New 2DS XL Capture Card + TV Kit

Postby kenny610610 » Wed 22. Jan 2020, 05:28

I ordered a New 2DS XL capture card + tv kit on Jan 16th and got it the 21st.

Everything works great, and am super happy about it. The number one thing I was worried about was breaking the micro usb. However after seeing it securely placed inside the system I am no longer worried.

I had a ton of questions and Stefan was extremely kind and answered them. I know I had some pretty dumb ones, but I'm really grateful for his answers. He always got back to me right away as well.

One issue I had right away was the noticable lag with the tv kit, but after realizing it was the tv refresh rate and changing it to gamemode the issue was fixed.

I also still am having an issue with the audio desync which I know to use the aux port, however the version of the software I have doesn't include it as one of the options. I will likely message the discord for directions to the correct version.

I played some games to get a feel for it and I really like everything I bought. The ds/3ds line is my favorite system so I'm glad to put these games on the tv!
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