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[My Feedback] New 2DS XL and Loopy DS Feedback

[My Feedback] New 2DS XL and Loopy DS Feedback

Postby LeighMustang » Mon 16. Dec 2019, 05:32

Purchase and Customer Service:
I had heard many wonderful things before my purchase on and finally decided on getting myself a Capture Card for the Nintendo DS (Loop Capture Card) and Nintendo 3DS (KatsuKeity). Making the purchase itself was a hassle free experience and after making my choices on what to get my order was complete. That's when I decided to check the forums and saw some people asking if products were left and I saw the responses typically being that they no longer had the service available for 3DS. I did briefly panic. I thought I had just made a purchase for something that did not exist. I decided to contact through their support channels and within minutes was serviced and my worries were quickly put to rest along having many of my follow up questions answered.

In terms of Customer Service, I give a 10/10

The products arrived much faster than I had anticipated. Everything was well packed and secured.

In terms of shipping, I give a 10/10

The Mod Work:
The 2DS XL had no visible marks that work had been done other than the newly added port, which was done neatly and cleanly. The Nintendo DS that I received with the loopy capture board also came in excellent condition. Please keep in mind that the product is USED. That said, it was clear that the Nintendo DS they use for the services, as per my experience, are in very good condition.

In terms of professionalism and work, I give a 10/10.

I would not hesitate to recommend and the excellent work they do to anyone that has the means of purchasing the capture devices. If you have the funds for it, it is definitely a worthwhile investment, with the mod work being done professionally, quickly, and with excellent customer support.

Overall, deserves a 10/10 for the excellent work they provide to the community and I do not regret my purchase a single bit!

Customer Service: 10/10
Shipping: 10/10
Professionalism: 10/10
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