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Newsletter 2017.05.26 English

Newsletter 2017.05.26 English

Postby Tecd0c » Sat 27. May 2017, 23:54

We have good news to report!

We are very pleased to announce that since 1. May 2017, we have become official reseller of Keity Co. Ltd. (Katsukity)!

Through our partnership with both manufacturers, our customers can now order the installation of the Capture Card in Germany.

As usual - you will get the best installation and service quality with us.
For the product quality of Katsukity I personally guarantee, as always with a 2-year warranty on the product and our work!

We ship our products as before, to all countries of Europe and Australia!

To make communication easier, our new website is now multilingual!

In addition, we have created the "INFO" section in order to provide you with all the information about our products, downloads and any questions you may have.

The shop will open on Sunday 12:00h.

In addition, both services are offered, the installation in your already preowned consoles and a complete set with a new console. Whatever you prefer.

Further news briefly summarized:

• The Classic DS Capture Card is available again, the product is still in demand. We have a small stock in stock again. If these are sold out, a pre-order is possible. The order period is usually several weeks. The installation itself is problematic because the plastic closures of the flat-band cables in the very old consoles often break when opening, so this circumstance is expressly pointed out.

• The (old) 3DS Capture Card is again in sufficient quantity, this is currently only produced by Keity (Katsukity). Loopy wants to redesign his version in the future.
• The (old) 3DS XL Capture Cards from Loopy (Neal Tew) are already in stock, but unfortunately the software is not finished yet. Therefore, we will offer these products only after completion.
• The NEW 3DS XL Capture Cards are currently made exclusively by Keity (Katsukity).
• The NAND Mod Pro conversions are very popular and therefore available as an option to any product in the shop.

The prices for the Capture Cards do not change. As before, they are $ 200 (USD) without taxes in the US and Japan, respectively. In Europe 239 EUR (which is the US dollar price plus duty and tax).

I would like to thank you personally for your trust and interest in our services and products!
Best regards
Stefan Merki
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