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Question about Stock

Question about Stock

Postby FireworksOwl » Wed 5. Feb 2020, 10:27

Are the 3ds capture cards actually in-stock again like the webshop says it is? if so, how do you get confirmation that your order will be taken care of? am i just supposed to pay, then send in my 3ds with return address and wait?
sorry for the trouble of answering this question
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Re: Question about Stock

Postby Tecd0c » Wed 5. Feb 2020, 15:54

Hello Leroy

Yes we have them in stock, the online-shop is always current..
After your checkout you get a confirmation, if you choose to buy the Capture Card only, then you send in your device for modding to us.
As for shipping, please read our shipping advice here:
Thank you!
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